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At Witness, we will do our best to cover as much and as various performance as we can, and all our reviews are free for everyone to read. However, we value ourselves as well as our work, and our coverage will always have limitations. We have made a conscious decision not to overstretch ourselves, mentally, physically or financially. In the tricky balance between comprehensive or in-depth coverage, we will tend towards the in-depth, because we believe that’s what we do best.

Critiquing art is a necessarily subjective experience – in fact, we believe that it has no value if it is not subjective – but it is equally a practice that requires rigour and skill. We expect of ourselves that the work we offer will be informed, honest and independent. We expect that you will often disagree with us. We know that the conversations that ensue from disagreement can be fruitful for everyone, and we hope that Witness will nurture these arguments in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Mentoring and nurturing new critical voices is at the core of our mission, because we believe that without fresh perspectives criticism becomes stale. The aim for Witness is considered, informed responses. Our critiques, essays and observations are offered as stimuli for on-going conversation within the performing arts community.

We make no bones about the fact that we are artists and critics. We believe that artistic creation and critique are intersecting practices that can usefully inform each other, increasing rigour in both. While we work on Witness, we will continue to pursue our own artistic projects. In a small community such as Australian performing arts, this means that often we personally know or have worked with the people we critique. Where there is a current working relationship, it will be noted at the bottom of the review.

As writers, we know that language is important. We want everybody who is interested in performance to feel welcome, and we will do our best to ensure that the language we use is as inclusive as possible. Please check out our exemplary spaces policy.

All editorial on Witness is copyright of the authors and may not be republished without their permission in writing. For permissions to republish, contact us.

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