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Educational Resources

by Witness Performance

Witness is a vital resource for students of Australian theatre and performance, offering historical context for contemporary performance and an overview of the development of the local theatre industry as well as close analysis of contemporary works. 

We offer students of Australian performance essential research and analysis as reference materials for their own work, and their participation in the Witness community will sharpen critical and discursive practices.

To nurture an ongoing community of critical engagement and support the development of new audiences for contemporary Australian performance, Witness will:

  • Introduce key developmental stages in Australian performance history through a regular video series.
  • Introduce key contemporary Australian theatre makers and their practice through a regular podcast, The Witness Interview.

Witness members will become more familiar with Australian and international theatre making and practice, and will develop individual critical skills through the ongoing discussion of contemporary work, historical context and industrial and social issues.

The Witness team is also available for guest lectures and critical skills development workshops. For further information, contact us here.

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