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Our aim is to create exemplary spaces, both online and off. We realise that we all fail our ideals, but the attempt to do this as well as we are able is central is to the Witness project.

Witness is inclusive. We welcome passionate discussion, we encourage disagreement and debate: in fact, a major part of our mission is to create contexts where these can happen. However, we will not tolerate any kind of abuse, bigotry or personal attack. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism are not welcome. (Please see our Comments and Users Policy.)

We value ourselves and our work. Independent arts workers too often sacrifice their income and mental and physical health in order to make their work possible. Here at Witness we think that’s a bad idea, not least because in the end, the work suffers. Our staff policy is that we take care of each other, and that any editorial we publish is paid for.¬†(Yes, we know we’ve already worked for nothing for a year in setting this up, but that’s on us).

If we misstep at Witness, as we are bound to, please let us know and we will address it.


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