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Our Finances

by Witness Performance

Witness will live or die by its readers. If enough readers support us, we will thrive; if they don’t, we won’t. Our ambition is to become financially autonomous, so we can be truly independent.

We know we have readers: after we launched in March last year, our audiences increased by 25% a month. By the end of the year we reached a total of 34,500 users, with 89,500 page views. Not bad for a niche, non-commercial website! But if we are to continue, we need more of those readers to support us. 1000 memberships would completely secure our future. At the moment, we have 225.

Unlike most media companies, we aim to be transparent (for details of our finances, see below). For this reason, Witness is not seeking advertising revenue, as we see this as a major conflict of interest. Advertising – especially the threat of its withdrawal – has too often been used as a means of influencing editorial decisions, with advertisers seeking to suppress negative coverage or even to get critics sacked. We value our independence.

We do enter specific collaborations that meet a mutual aim of generating discussion about the performing arts. One example is our critical program with Dancehouse around the Keir Choreographic Awards, which includes talks and workshops. These collaborations will always be clearly signalled. Also, as is standard with all media companies, we will accept provisions such as media review tickets and airfares/accommodation for interstate coverage.

We accept sponsorship from Education Partners.  For example, Monash University’s Centre for Theatre and Performance is sponsoring us with a donation of $5000 through 2018, as part of our mutual aim of building connections between the academy and public discourse. Any educational institution interested in being a Witness Education Partner can contact us through this page for more information.

In 2018, we received $35,000 each from Creative Victoria and the Australia Council, which enabled us to set up this website and pay our staff, some freelancers and ourselves (a little). Going into 2019, we have again received $35,000 from Creative Victoria, but our Australia Council application was unsuccessful. Our current budget – which pays core staff, freelance writers, social media manager, book keeper and accountant as well as our running expenses – lasted until June 2019. In 2020, Rob and Alison decided that we will keep going. Our current income – a $5000 sponsorship from Monash University and the income from our 220 members – covers the expenses of running the site and pays our contributors and book keeper. But Robert Reid and Alison Croggon are not paid for their admin, writing and editorial work. This is our choice: we love what Witness is and we believe, as critical spaces continue to shrink, that what we do is important. But clearly we have to make a living and this affects how much we are able to do. .

Please support us, so we can keep going! You sign up at this page for as little as $5 a month. Every little bit makes a big difference.

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We need your help
Like many small organisations, Witness runs on the smell of an oily rag, which is to say the largely unpaid working hours of Alison and Rob. (We always pay our contributors, though.) And a website like this has ongoing expenses. If you believe that what we're doing here matters, please think about supporting us! You can help to fund robust independent discussion and make Witness sustainable for as little as $5 a month by signing up at this page. If you're already a Witness supporter, our earnest thanks. You can login here.
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