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Annual Witness memberships

by Alison Croggon
Basic (annual)
$60 / year
Especially crafted for poor artists. Every little bit makes a big difference!
Individual (annual)
$120 / year
$10 a month of warm fuzzies, plus buckets of Witness gratitude
Patron (annual)
$180 / year
We love being patronised! Also, surveys show that Witness Patrons are spectacular.

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A note from Alison and Rob
If you like what you're reading, please think about supporting Witness. As of January we only have funds to last until June, and we don't want to have to close: we've only just begun to discover what Witness can be! You can help to make Witness sustainable for as little as $5 a month by becoming a member at this page. If you're already a Witness supporter, our earnest thanks. You can login here.
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