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One of our ambitions is to make high quality critique sustainable in a media landscape which has become increasingly hostile to thoughtful discussion, and we’re hoping that you, our readers, will help us to do this.

We’re committed to Witness for a year (you can read about our finances here). At the end of 2018 we’ll take stock and consider whether we can continue to run it through 2019.

News, reviews, videos, The Witness Podcast and the Witness newsletter are free, and you can subscribe at this link. Other content – features, The Witness Interview podcast and access to Witness community Live Nights, forums and educational resources – is for members only. This is because while we want to be as accessible as possible, we’d also love to make a living.

For $5 a month, you get access to most editorial content and The Witness Podcast, but not the Witness community or The Witness Interview series. $10 a month is the sweet spot in the middle, giving you access to the whole site – news, reviews, videos, features, our two podcasts and the Witness community. For $15 a month – a little more than the price of three coffees – you can become a Witness patron, and get the warm fuzzy feel of doing a bit extra.

You can choose to pay all memberships monthly or annually.

Educational institutions or keen philanthropists who wish to sponsor the Witness project can contact Alison and Rob via the email form below.

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We hope you're enjoying the site! Help us to be more than a year-long quixotic experiment by becoming a Witness supporter. You can help to make Witness sustainable for as little as $5 a month, or become a full supporter for $10. You earn the right to patronise us for $15 a month. If you're already a Witness supporter, our earnest thanks. You can login here.
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